SABIO Mission Statement

To represent and promote the interests of all persons involved in the beekeeping industry in South Africa in order to establish, support and develop an economically viable and sustainable apicultural sector and ensure the environmental security of the honeybee.


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The South African Bee Industry Organisation

The SOUTH AFRICAN BEE INDUSTRY ORGANISATION (SABIO) is an organised body representing the Beekeeping Industry in South Africa.

In its current structure it has been in existence for the past 10 years representing beekeeping interests at local, regional, national and international level.

It acts as the representative of the South African Beekeeping Industry in all dealings with Government; presides as the consultative spokesperson on all forums affecting the beekeeping industry and agriculture, and strives to set and maintain world-class standards in Apiculture.

The South African Beekeeping Industry includes all persons involved in the keeping of honey bees whether for commercial purposes or recreational use. Bees are kept either for Honey production or for Pollination purposes (or both).

We generally differentiate between Professional Beekeepers who may manage between 800 and 10,000 beehives, Commercial Beekeepers (between 200 to 800 beehives), part time Beekeepers (1 to 200 beehives and Developmental Beekeepers operating 10 to 100 beehives – often in Co-operative Bodies or Community Development Projects.)

In addition, any persons involved in Research Work, Training and Development in Apicultural Science and Beekeeping; any persons involved in the Bottling, Packaging or Manufacture of honeybee products; any persons involved in the sale or manufacture of beekeeping equipment; and any persons involved in the capture, removal and relocation of honeybee colonies (Bee Removal Services) are all part of the South African Bee Industry.

SABIO supports the Beekeeping Industry in South Africa.